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Runway works with organisations across Europe on a broad range of career and coaching challenges. In each case, we will work with you to explore the issue at hand, before implementing a bespoke plan for your employees. Many of our clients have been working with Runway since it was established in early 2008 and come from a wide range of sectors including the FTSE 100, higher education, central government and the not for profit arena. We work with employees across the talent life cycle and offer group and individual development programmes.

This is a selection of our current projects:


Runway has developed a career coaching programme for Master of Public Affairs students at the highly selective university, Sciences-Po in Paris. The students are in their late 20s and early 30s and come from across the globe to study in France. They are looking to build careers in International organisations, central governments, consultancy, public affairs, think tanks and NGO's.

Teresa Cal, programme director writes;

'Susie has been counselling the students of the Master of Public Affairs at Sciences-Po Paris on career development issues since 2009. She has done seminars, specific workshops, one to one coaching, and focus groups for more than 150 students already. The MPA student body is composed of young professionals (average age: 28 years old) with very different academic and professional backgrounds coming from all over the world (more than 30 nationalities). Susie excelled in responding to the challenge of the great diversity of our student body by providing a customised programme. Thus, through the different and increasing activities, she covered a wide range of issues such as self awareness and individual assessment, career choice, the job search, MBTI workshops, meaning and purpose at work, and teambuilding. Susie has made a real impact on the MPA students who now feel confident in formulating their career objectives and successfully navigating the job market. Susie's unique energy, professionalism and availability make her a most valuable resource for the MPA program and make it a real pleasure to work with her.'

MPA students write;

Susie is inspiring, analytical and very clear'
Susie is dynamic, kind and listens'
She's great at her job
Emotionally intelligent listening and thoughtful'

Barclays Wealth

Runway has designed and delivered a programme to work with employees to help them to understand their career story to date. Individuals then use this understanding to manage and build their careers within the organisation. Runway has also designed and delivered a programme for managers to build the skills of having effective career conversations. This programme is being rolled out across Barclays Wealth globally.

A member of the HR team writes;

'Thank you so much for today, I thought the session was excellent. Susie is brilliant and managed to keep the session focussed and practical, whilst fun and very thought provoking. As a trainer Susie is warm, engaging, with excellent listening skills enabling her to very quickly summarise the thoughts and feedback of the individuals.'

Participants write;

'Particularly perceptive in reading the group and pitching the course at a relevant level and an appropriate pace'

'I felt that Susie's personality was ideal; she was able to remain in control of the course but her manner was engaging which resulted in interactive and useful discourse'

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Runway has worked with the FCO to develop a workshop for partners of FCO employees who are posted out of the UK for the first time and for those returning to the UK. This workshop works with a diverse group of individuals who are re evaluating their career paths in the context of moving location.

Geraldine McKendrick ,careers and professional development adviser writes;

'I've had the pleasure of working with Susie Lawrence for more than 5 years now and during that time Susie has delivered to my organisation an impressive range of career management workshops as well as 1:1 career consultancy. My client group consists of a mixture of global professionals, those returning to work after career breaks, or who have spent many years living overseas. This is a multi-national clientele, ranging in age from late 20s to 50+, facing difficult career decisions and transitions. Susie's workshops have focused on skills assessment, career 'anchors' and values, developing career self-awareness, MBTI, as well as the more practical tools of CV writing, interview practice, networking and job-hunting strategies. '

What do my clients think about Susie?

“Energising and refreshing, competent and clear, interested in individuals”

“I came away feeling very positive and my mind has been buzzing since…”

“Extremely useful… an eye opener.”

“Has helped me feel more confident about my future Deeper understanding of my personal career development And I liked the way we were pushed to dig deep to present ourselves in the best way.”

”I recommend this course for anyone returning to the UK.”

“Excellent workshop, kind and very confident.”

“Very good course-the best I've attended in years.”

“Has given me ideas about directions I could take my career while abroad other than just taking a career break.” “Working on individual visions for careers and discussing strategies to pursue them.”

“Brilliant! Your enthusiasm shines through, Susie.”

Signature Style:

Susie has the rare talent to energise and motivate through her enthusiastic, empathic and utterly professional manner. Highly recommended.

Promise Corporation

Promise is a brand strategy consultancy that brings customers and companies together to create insights through strategy and innovation. Runway has been coaching emerging leaders in their strategy consultancy team, helping to define, identify and develop their capabilities.

This is what Doron and Clare, two of the Promise directors write about our work:


'Susie has coached both myself and a number of consultants at Promise Communities; she has worked over a number of sessions to develop our self understanding, an awareness of our natural strengths and our potential areas for growth and development. Susie's work has a fantastic effect on people's performance. As a consultancy, the quality of our thinking and outputs is of paramount importance. Every person who has gone through Susie's coaching has experienced a sharp increase in the quality of their work and client satisfaction. In the more senior members of the team, we have also seen improved performance in business development. But best of all, everyone who goes through Susie's process leaves feeling reinvigorated, with a new sense of energy about their job.'

'Susie uses psychometric tools, reflective exercises, challenging coaching techniques and drawing to help us to reflect and explore our individual styles and behaviour so that we can develop some effective strategies for change and thinking about things differently. Susie brings a combination of trust, confidence and expertise that makes allows team members to open up and explore truly what is driving their behaviour.'

'Susie has been added enormous value to our business. I am grateful that we have met her and look forward to continuing to build our work together.'


'Susie has helped us build our team, working with key individuals to help them develop their skills and improve the way they work together.This has involved tackling a range of issues including assessing individual strengths, performance management, career choices and building confidence.'

'Through a combination of workshops, one to one coaching and general advice and help, she has worked successfully across different age groups, roles and cultural backgrounds. Susie's style is supportive, positive and helps people find the energy to make significant changes. Everyone at Promise values her support greatly, and as a result is more effective and committed to the company's success.'

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Susie Lawrence is an occupational psychologist and coach who works with organisations and private clients across Europe on a broad range of career challenges. Susie has developed the Runway approach, drawing together the latest thinking in career theory and development with her psychological insight, coaching techniques and extensive experience.

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