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You might have reached a point in your career where you’re feeling restless. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to pursue the role you really want, or maybe you just need to get a realistic assessment of your options. Whatever the reason, Runway can help. Our objective is to help you to identify what feels meaningful and motivating for you at work and to create a plan that allows you to do that every day.

Each programme is customised to the individual, but your time with Runway will involve;

  • Assessing your potential and aims

  • Identifying your strengths, skills and experience

  • Clarifying and focusing your priorities

  • Reviewing your career options and generating ideas

  • Helping you to make an informed decision

  • Constructing a practical action plan to achieve a transition into your new role

  • Marketing your skills persuasively to potential employers

Your personal career plan will include creative, challenging and stimulating discussion, reflective exercises, psychometric testing and additional strengths profiling tools to help you to gain a greater understanding of your personality and potential.

Runway will work with you to explore and refine your options, and then support you as you either market yourself effectively to employers, develop your own business or structure your working life. We will also use our comprehensive resources to help you explore potential future roles, putting our extensive expertise of the employment world to work for you.

We will set clear objectives for the programme and set a timescale for success. Many of our clients have decided to change career and coaching has helped them to clarify their strengths and identify careers or roles which will allow them to use these strengths and provide a meaningful environment.

Some of our clients decide to stay in their present role as the coaching programme helps them to develop new working styles and see how their present career fits in with their long term life plan. We have worked with clients who are now running their own companies but also clients who have made subtle shifts in the type of work they do or the organisation they work for.

Loic Menzies

Susie has an incredible ability to help you work out and understand what it is that makes you tick. She then works with you to put that at the heart of your career journey. She helps you to analyse and identify your particular set of skills to explore how you can apply them. You can then trace your next steps and plot out your short and long term plans.

Awaz’s Story

Corporate tax lawyer   >  Masters in International law   >  Public International Lawyer

Why did I decide to work with Runway?

Changing career direction was not an easy decision. As a corporate tax lawyer working in a magic circle firm, I often felt like I was running on a treadmill at top speed with absolutely no idea of how to hit the stop button! Like many city workers, I dreamt of following a different path but had the usual concerns which were holding me back. How could I tactically leverage my experience in a new field? How would my family, friends and colleagues react? How would I know whether my new career was right for me? Working with Susie helped me to tackle these questions and explore the skills and values I wanted to transfer. Rather than being daunted by the prospect, I became excited and confident about taking control of my career.

What was the process like?

Working with Susie doesn’t involve a rigid, “one size fits all” process. From the outset, we worked together to structure and pace our sessions in a way that most suited me. Through a combination of tailored reflection exercises and personality tests, Susie helped me to discover more about my core values, strengths and working preferences. The process is certainly challenging and requires some independent work but this meant that after each session, I came away feeling that I had taken another step in the right direction.

What was the result?

Work to me has always been more than just a job. During my sessions with Susie, I discovered that I wanted to transfer my legal skills and pursue my passion for public international law. I’m therefore currently applying to various LLM courses in the UK to build up my expertise and prepare for a career in the field.

Runway’s signature style?

If I had to sum up Susie’s style in three words, it would have to be creative, honest and adaptable.

Loic’s story

Escape Route   >  Teacher   >  Independent Consultant

Why did I decide to work with a coach?

After leaving Oxford I joined the Teach First programme but knew that I wanted to make an impact in a different way. I used my sessions with Susie to understand how my personality and experiences to date have shaped and would shape my future choices and explore options to travel, start my own consultancy and generally manage my lifestyle in a different way.

What was the process like?

Susie gave me a series of reflective exercises, drawing and visioning work, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and generally asked challenging and incisive questions to provoke and extend my thinking. Susie used her knowledge of the job market to test this thinking against potential roles and allow me to draw up a next steps plan

What was the result?

After 2 years in teaching I had the confidence to leave the role and start my own consultancy. I knew that I wanted to spend time climbing, sailing and generally enjoying my friendships. I know have put these plans into practice and all is going well!

Runway’s signature style?

Susie has an incredible ability to help you work out and understand what it is that makes you tick. She then works with you to put that at the heart of your career journey. She helps you to analyse and identify your particular set of skills to explore how you can apply them. You can then trace your next steps and plot out your short and long term plans. Meanwhile her extensive network and knowledge means that she can also help you find ways of gaining the extra bits of experience that will enhance your CV and help you to reach for and achieve your goals.

For me, what really inspired me was Susie's description of a portfolio career and her ability to articulate what it is that makes the way I work special. She made me realise how I could put together everything I loved so that my work became a pleasure and I could kiss goodbye to that Monday morning feeling!

Tatjana’s story

Banker   >   Teacher

Why did I decide to work with Runway?

After working in Banking for 3 years , I was finding the work unstimulating and the organisational culture rigid and hierarchical. I knew that I was unhappy and that I had had previous roles which I had found, in part, to be interesting. I was feeling confused- and actually pretty depressed. I was recommended to Runway and took the plunge! I guess I was looking for easy solutions but sensed that the process may take a while and would need me to think and reflect on a whole load of stuff.

What was the process like?

I found it exciting – but challenging. We had 5 sessions together which focused on looking at how my family expectations had shaped my career and academic aspirations and identifying my core strengths. I really began to understand what it was that had made me happy and fulfilled and how I had sometimes ignored these feelings to head for more conventional goals. Susie used coaching, the Myers Briggs Type indicator and reflective exercises to help me in my thinking. Towards the end of the process, when I had decided on my direction, Susie helped me to write a good application form and we had a practice interview – this enabled me to gain a place on Teach First – the highly selective leadership development scheme.

What was the result?

After the programme with Susie I began to think that teaching could be a fulfilling career for me; I had really enjoyed teaching students whilst doing my PhD and was especially attracted to working with children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Susie advised me to test out this thinking and I went to New York to gain some experience in an innovative school. This confirmed my choice and I applied to Teach First. And then – I fell in love - in Germany! So I am now married and a qualified teacher in a German School – and I love every moment of it!

Runway’s signature style?

I really felt as though I gained confidence and a fresh perspective of myself and my strengths and weaknesses. Susie is enthusiastic, personal and overall I was very satisfied with the outcome of the sessions.

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Susie Lawrence is an occupational psychologist and coach who works with organisations and private clients across Europe on a broad range of career challenges. Susie has developed the Runway approach, drawing together the latest thinking in career theory and development with her psychological insight, coaching techniques and extensive experience.

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